Rest & Recharge GIVEAWAY

We are all on different paths in life but ultimately have one goal in mind, to live a fulfilling life. Whether that life is running a small business, raising a family, changing the world, or all three, it takes energy. In order to keep the energy flowing to continue pursuing your passion it is important to take time to rest and recharge. We see you and all that you are doing and we want you to be successful. To support your endeavors we are giving away one 60 minute Float Therapy session at True REST Float Spa in Farmington Hills, MI. Entry details below.

If you aren't familiar with float therapy the basic concept is that you lay in a personal pod that is full of extremely salted water so your body floats on the surface. It is designed to help your body and mind relax. You will be in a private room with your own personal float pod. The experience can be customized in that you control the lights and sounds within the pod. If anything, it allows for 60 minutes to just disconnect and focus on yourself.

We are hoping this experience will help others recharge and keep pursuing your passions! Your pursuits strengthen the community we (not just Earthing Works) are striving to build.

In order to enter the #giveaway head over to our Instagram page, here and comment your name or nominate some else to be entered. One lucky winner will be selected on July 26th at 10am.

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