The power of green: brighten up any room with a few simple tips

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

Houseplants are the easiest and usually most cost effective way to brighten up a room. From adding a dash of nature and a hint of color, plants can take a plan room and add a pop that draws the eye around the room.

Here are a couple tips to brighten a room using plants.

1. Strategically place plants of various sizes throughout the room. They will make the space feel cozier but also more put together.

2. To add a pop of color, use different planters. Personally, I like to wander through thrift or antique stores and find vessels that can double as planters. It gives a unique feel and small pops of color.

3. Use house plants that flower to change the rooms vibe throughout the year. If your house is pet free you have a lot more options for houseplants but orchards are a great low key plant to add constantly changing brightness to a room.

Plants are also great air purifiers!

*Always consult plant guides to ensure they are safe for your home if you have children and pets.

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